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All Patients will see Dr. Lee, Board Certified physician in several specialties, an Ivy League educated and trained M.D. with 40 years of experience. Unlike other Walk-Ins or Urgent Care, we do NOT hire Nurse Practitioners or Physician Assistants to evaluate or treat any of our patients.

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Paul C Lee, MD, JD,FACPMIT, Dartmouth Educated   Harvard Trained

  • All urgent care patients are seen promptly with no appointment.
  • Dr. Lee can also be your PCP/Family Doctor for your regular medical care, incl
    diabetes, HBP, etc.
  • Medicare, BC/BS, other insurances accepted.
  • Board Certified in Internal Medicine, Travel Medicine, Addiction Medicine, and Drug Testing
  • Certified Suboxone Prescriber
  • Certified DOT Medical Examiner/ DOT Medical Cards
  • Coast guard Exams
  • Designated Civil Surgeon to do your USCIS Immigration Exam
  • ​​​​​​​Pre-op, sports, work Physicals
  • Dr. Lee is a member of medical staff at Falmouth Hospital. He is also an Attorney-at-Law, and a member of Mensa. 
We can see you in our office on the same day w/o appointment.

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Immigration Exam i693 Form
Dr. Lee is a certified Designated Civil Surgeon, licensed by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) to perform your immigration exam, do all the necessary testing, update your Vaccines requirement, and complete your 693 Form        
For your visit, bring your Passport or Driver License plus any medical records that you may have, especially past vaccine records.  (There is no need to worry if you have no records to bring with you.)  Photos
are NOT needed.
Dr. Lee will thoroughly check your medical history and records. We will draw your blood and get your urine sample to perform all the required testing.  We will test for vaccine protection in your blood, and then administer any required vaccines to comply with USCIS guidelines.  Start- ing Oct 1, 2018 we now have to test your blood for TB.  When the test results and vaccines are complete, Dr. Lee will then certify your i-693 form.  You will need to return in 5-7 days to pick up your completed i-693 form to send to the USCIS. For Vineyard, Nantucket, and Lower Cape residents, we maybe able to mail to you the i-693 forms, saving you the hassle and expense of a 2nd trip back to our office.
You can come in any time during our regular office hours for your USCIS Medical Exam.  You do not need an appointment. However, please check our vacation/holiday schedule first.

Travel Vaccines
Dr. Lee is the only Board Certified travel medicine specialist on the entire Cape, certified by the International Society of Travel Medicine. We have available all travel vaccines including Yellow Fever (available early 2020), Hep A, MMR, Typhoid, Injected Polio, Hep B, Tetanus-Diptheria, TDAP, PPD, Meningitis, & Varicella .  We also have in stock JEE (Japanese Encephalitis) and Rabies Vaccine.  

During your visit, as part of your pre-travel consultation, we will give you the appropriate prescriptions for malaria prevention, traveler's diarrhea, altitude sickness, and also advice to stay healthy and have a safe trip.
You never need an appointment for your pre-travel consultation or your vaccines. You can come to the office any time during our regular office hours Monday to Friday from 9AM to 4PM.  No appointment is ever needed when we are in our office.  However,  you must check our Vacation Schedule first before arriving at our office. 

Flu/Pneumonia Vaccines
Flu / Pneumonia (Prevenar 13) Vaccines are available on a daily and seasonal basis at Dr. Lee's office during our regular office hours.  Again, please check our Vacation/Holiday Schedule first before arriving at our office.

DOT Physical Medical Exam Dr. Lee is a Certified DOT Medical Examiner.  For your DOT Medical Card or Coast Guard Exam, you can come in any time during our regular office hours  M-F 9AM to 4PM.  You never need an appointment to be seen.  However, please check our Vacation/Holiday Schedule first before arriving at our office. Bring any forms and related medical reports that you have.  We will have to check a urine sample as part of your exam. After successful completion of your exam, Dr. Lee will give you a valid Medical Card to bring to the RMV to get your CDL or Hoisting License. For school bus drivers, RMV will ONLY accept Bus Driver Certificates signed by Medical Doctors such as Dr. Lee, and from no other medical providers! 

COAST GUARD/ WORK/SPORTS PHYSICALS We do  all types of physicals with no appointments!  We also do TB skin test, admininster any vaccines, and draw blood for any lab tests that are required.  Please check our Vacation/Holiday Schedule first before coming to our office.

Suboxone Center
Dr. Lee is a Board Certified Addiction Medicine Specialist. He is also a licensed Suboxone prescriber. Dr. Lee offers comprehensive, outpatient Rx for opiate and drug addiction. Our program is streamlined towards individual needs, with heavy emphases on exercise and counseling. No appointment is needed for the initial visit.  We may have a waiting list before we can begin your evaluation & treatment. Once accepted for treatment, you will be seen frequently for follow-up visits. To check your compliance with the program, we will check the Mass Prescription Monitor Program for your narcotics drug list and  do random drug testing. Successful addiction treatment requires the belief that this is a chronic medical brain disease.  For almost all patients, long term sobriety is achieved only by a healthy lifestyle and long term use of meds.

Drug Testing                     Dr. Lee is currently a certified MRO (Medical Review Officer), licensed to conduct and certify drug test results for the Coast Guard License Exam and CDL drivers for the DOT (Department of Transportation).  Dr. Lee does NIDA-7 panel from SAMSHA approved labs.  Other drug panels and Breath Alcohol Tests are also available.  Our office is a collection site for many companies with CDL drivers and marine employees